July 2022

Raise your arms and get measured. A tailor-made suit is not only perfect for individualists and quality-conscious people, but also for men who know what they want. Wearing comfort in all situations and always perfectly tailored to your body. It is not the occasion that decides what you wear! Whether you stand, sit or walk, your favorite piece is perfect when it gives you little reason to take off your clothes.

Only a few more hours and the Bavarian school vacations begin and with them for many the time of the long-awaited summer vacation. How do you spend your vacation? Off to the south, to the neighboring countries or to the home regions? The sun currently spoils us everywhere and makes us sweat. What is more suitable than our beach tuxedo? Men dare you! Stylish

The planet is really heating us up right now, temperatures up to 40 degrees and no cooling in sight. During the day only bearable for sun worshippers, but in the morning and evening it drives us all out of the house. Here, a cool drink is the longed-for savior in times of need. We have umbrellas and ice cubes ready for you and for those who are too cold in their own clothes.

While today it is primarily about the optics, the bridal bouquet had a supporting meaning for a long time. The excessively used incense in churches, made many a bride faint. Fragrant herbs were supposed to prevent this and at the same time protect against evil spirits. The choice of flowers was also crucial, for example, the lily stood for purity and the

The temperatures give from tomorrow again really gas - despite everything we put the red pencil at our summer goods. Buy more - save more! Excluded are already reduced parts, basics and fall and winter goods. But those would be too warm for you anyway. Treat yourself to your personal summer highlight and leave it on right away. We look forward to seeing you!

Who does not know the wedding custom originally from England, which is supposed to promise marital happiness. Something old symbolic of the past, something new for the future and something borrowed for the friendships, are usually easy to find. But as soon as something blue is needed, future happiness starts to falter. Sure, the obligatory garter, but it's not really visible most of the time. Do you want

After a long day, there's nothing better than winding down in the evening. The translation describes the end of work as a time of rest and leisure. But how much leisure time do you really allow yourself? Cancel annoying appointments and let the housework and gardening just wait for you. Enjoy our sundowner every Thursday and Friday evening and let yourself be

Ultimate grace and grace - the epitome of seductive femininity. They not only make us taller, we look more confident and self-assured. It is clear that they are neither functional nor comfortable, but indispensable as a fashion highlight. False shyness they do not know, impressively staged they complete even the simplest outfit. Our beloved high heels - for which we put up with so much.

In summer, a cool drink provides refreshment. It doesn't always have to contain alcohol - mindful drinking is the order of the day. Refined with suitable fruits and herbs, it creates a vacation feeling in Unterneukirchen. Of course there are new in-drinks every year, but the important thing is what you like! What expresses summer, freedom and love of life for you? Enjoy our drinks and find your own