Inmitten der Sehnsucht nach der großen Liebe, findet sie sich in einem wunderschönen Moment der Vorfreude wieder. Die bevorstehende Hochzeit lässt ihr Herz höher schlagen, denn sie symbolisiert die Vereinigung zweier Seelen und die Erfüllung der großen Liebe. Die große Liebe ist wie ein Stern, der das Herz erhellt und den gemeinsamen Weg erleuchtet. Sie ist das Gefühl, das uns schweben

The sun announced its best form again this weekend and decided to rock our breakfast at Casa Felicita. Coffee? Check! Fresh OJ? Double check! But best of all, the sun pushes the intensity of these treats by at least 1000 %! Mhhhh Want to smell the fresh coffee that's sure to wink at you from afar, too? Even the OJ has promised he

Autumn, oh autumn, you wild fashion adventure! 🍂🍁 You not only drop the leaves, but also all the rules. It's time for fashion on the wild side of life. In autumn foliage is the new glitter and combinations with leather simply irresistible. We're rocking fall and mixing and matching patterns and colors like there's no tomorrow. We

A ROUND THING! It's that time again - dumpling time is at Casa Felicita and I feel like the king of pasta! 👑🍴 Whether sweet or savory, dumplings are always worth a try. I sometimes wonder how we ever survived without these wonderful dough balls. Whether they're swimming in gravy or drizzled with butter from above, dumplings are

In the perfect wedding dress, the bride shines like a radiant star as she gently walks down the aisle. The delicate lace and sparkling details accentuate her beauty and elegance. As her father walks her down the aisle, his eyes glisten with proud emotion as he admires his precious daughter in her dream gown. The tears in his eyes reflect the love that

Indian summer has thrown itself into the game, and when it presents itself so delightfully, I'm ready to let my inner 'old lady' out! 🍂👵 When the leaves fall, the cobwebs shine and the drinks glisten, I feel like the queen of the seasons 👑. Who knew dropping temperatures could be so chic. I proudly confess to the Indian summer club -.

Tailored suits - the secret eye-catcher for women AND men! 👀 Women may like to look twice, but let's be honest, men can't resist either! Whether it's because of the perfect fit or simply because of the irresistible elegance - suits have this magical attraction! Whether it shines in classic blue or draws the eye in a checkered pattern

A custom suit is like a magic wand for your style! Whether you're just saying hello or hitting the red carpet, you'll look good enough to eat in these suits. Watch out, world: here come the new men and we at Casa Felicita are happy to be responsible for the speechless looks and dropped jaws! Are you ready too