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Where does happiness live?

For sure, where love with style and tradition enters into a harmonious union.
In a place where all the senses unfold. Where time stands still for a moment because everything appears in complete harmony.
In the Casa (house) Felicita (happiness) we make sure every day, again and again, that you feel happiness.



Current opening hours for our day bar:
Friday from 09:30 to 18:00 and Saturday from 09:30 to 16:00.
Of course we have planned a few hot special surprise events, we will inform you in time.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Colorful drinks for a good mood

At Casa Felicita, you'll not only find the hottest trends in...
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The little paradise

Steffi has managed to create her own VIP area in the universe...
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A touch of Gatsby glamor

The twenties seem to have returned, and I feel like...
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Enjoyable Easter

🐰Hop, hop! The rabbits are loose at Casa Felicita and...
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Radiant beauty

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but forget...
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Toilet magic in pink

At Casa Felicita you'll experience more than just toilet magic! 🚽✨...
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Minimalist maximum style

T-shirt under a leather jacket - because you don't always...
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Contrast kick

⚫⚪ The style game is full of contrasts today! Black and white, the...
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Blue seduction

Spring has arrived at Casa Felicita 🌷! Today...
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Catch-up Valentine's Day

Question for you: Who knows the feeling that the romantic...
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Bright prospects and denim dreams

Despite the gloomy weather, fashion shines brighter than ever!...
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Wedding fair Mühldorf

💖 Save the date! On 04.02.2024 it will be romantic in the...
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Black Magic

In a black dress, you feel like the walking...
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Winter persists, but we let the mood...
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We love weekends

Why are weekends so great? Because they are the only...
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Flying(de) Christmas

Flies are not just for penguins or geeks. Men, it...
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Final spurt of presents!

Have you already got all your Christmas presents or are you in the last...
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From fir branch to trend color

In the midst of the festive Christmas decorations, between fir branches and spruce wreaths, a...
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Winter magic on 08.12.

Thick snowflakes dance from the sky and cover meadows and fields...
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Winter fashion redefined!

Why wear jeans and a turtleneck when you can wear berries and spruce...
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