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It's that time again - the latest fashion trends have been luring us out of the houses for weeks. Either we are on a discovery tour or want to carry out the latest achievements. And there's no end in sight - week after week we're delighted by colorful surprises, new styles and unique combinations. On 20.04.2023 and 21.04.2023 we will show you at 15:00 and 18:00 respectively the Must

It has long been known that men and fashion are no longer a contradiction in terms. Neither is the fact that comfortable jeans and the much-worn sweater have a permanent place in every closet. But not everyone is born with un senso della moda and every bird of paradise is not necessarily individual. Even if terry socks are experiencing a revival, sandals with socks will never become the

The mood rises as soon as the sun pays us a visit. And then it's time to open the windows and head out into the open air. Every hour between the clouds is welcome and rewarded with our radiance. Over and under is the order of the day again - onions with style, so to speak. And yellow is our new trend color this week. At

But it would be nothing without a woman. Who would contradict James Brown in this - and exactly you have already recognized this long ago. For this very reason you are now planning a future together with the future Mrs. Wright. In order to look irresistible on the day, the women, in this case us, are asked to give you the final touch.

Some people seem to be born to be casual and yet perfectly styled every day. They always look fashionable, well thought-out and perfectly matched to their own proportions. Are bulging closets really necessary for this? Of course, nothing speaks against it, but also less is more. Basics properly combined make the outfit distinctive. Whether you work with different accessories, the sweater over

Blue and blue likes to join, but also unbeatable in combination with other colors. The color promises us peace, harmony and serenity, but it varies from the infinite expanses of the sky to the unfathomable depths of the sea. For this reason, no season can do without blue accents. While the darker tones rather elegant and exciting to enhance the outfits,

The wedding preparations are already in full swing? How far advanced are you? Are you already breaking in the bridal shoes, packing the emergency bag with aspirin, blister plasters and handkerchiefs or are you still at the beginning and quietly looking for your outfit? Saying no is allowed, after all, everything should be perfect. Well-intentioned tips are welcome, but no one knows you better.

Fits like a glove. It may be that years ago it was considered a fashion sin to combine red and rose, but those days are long gone. The mix of bright red and delicate rose harmonizes perfectly with each other and exudes lightness, elegance and freshness. A liaison of the extra class, soul mates without alternative. A mix of different materials and fancy patterns make

Congratulations! No wonder your eyes are so bright and your smile is never-ending. Can there be anything more beautiful than to float permanently on pink clouds? Enjoy every moment, as well as the most beautiful of all tasks - finding the perfect dress. Who will you take with you? Who can see you before the big day and give you advice?