May 2022

How nice when it is sunny again. We enjoy the warmth on our skin, a pleasant feeling that makes us active and happy. You are not convinced of that? Then come to our Sundowner on Thursday and do a happiness self-test. If you come earlier, you can stay longer. In addition to a place in the sun, we have various tarte flambée and summer drinks.

Who does not know these weeks! Monday isn't even over yet and you're already longing for Friday and the well-deserved weekend. In the hamster wheel of appointments, tasks and errands, me-time falls by the wayside. All the better is the anticipation of the sweet idleness. No to-do's, no timelines, no "still quick to do". Start your weekend in our

Creative, always positive and a little crazy, these are the characteristics that describe him best. Thomas from Stulz Tradizionale in Waldshut-Tiengen in Baden-Württemberg, near the Swiss border is our cooperation partner when it comes to tailor-made suits from Casa Felicita. We are very much looking forward to working together with the sales team around Stulz Tradizionale. You can find more information under

When the sun slowly takes its leave, life begins in the southern countries. Convivial get-togethers and good food make you forget the stress and hectic of the day and solve problems with a smile. It doesn't always have to be a trip to faraway places to experience this attitude to life. Enjoy this Thursday and Friday at our Sundowner a little La Dolce Vita

Yes, absolutely! Ready for the big show? Whatever makes the eyes shine like that, it must be breathtaking. Even the observer is magically captivated and understands that there can be no better reason to look good. If then also outfit and charisma form a perfect symbiosis, any descriptions are superfluous. You too come by and

Wake me up and come in. Is there a better way to start the day? What can spoil our mood? We almost forgot what it's like when the sun kisses us with its shining rays because April has become too cold. Now it's time to put on the short clothes and get out into the day. Come by and

In life there are some reasons to celebrate. Usually we have something in mind that we have achieved or accomplished. We refer to our past - a birthday, celebrating the life lived - a degree passed, rewarding the efforts of the past years - a successful day at work, which allowed to achieve a goal. Does it really always have to be