February 2023

Congratulations! No wonder your eyes are so bright and your smile is never-ending. Can there be anything more beautiful than to float permanently on pink clouds? Enjoy every moment, as well as the most beautiful of all tasks - finding the perfect dress. Who will you take with you? Who can see you before the big day and give you advice?

No sooner do the temperatures climb into the double digits than we are on fire and in an absolute frenzy of color. Unfortunately, the weather god puts us again a small damper, so that we go a little off the gas for the time being. A little more discreet, but no less beautiful! One thing is for sure, the spring is no longer far away and the fashion designers have themselves

Not at all! True, the carnival is buried for this year, which unites the vices of the past days. But at the same time, every day we get a little closer to spring. And with that, many trendy colors are once again just around the corner. Let's start with "red alert!" The signal effect is undisputed, but does not have to make you panic. Whether from head to toe or only

What distinguishes beautiful women? They are open to new things and set themselves no limits. They know their advantages and know how to deal with them. They have that certain something - they don't search, they are found. A description that fits Ekaterina Mucha perfectly. The publishing couple from Austria is already showing off their outfit for the upcoming Opera Ball on Feb. 16, 2023. Individually

Lovers' Day is a 14th century custom that originated in France and England, found its way to America through English emigrants, and came to us during World War II. Whether you approach the day with exuberant romance or consider it commercial nonsense, spending time together with loved ones should not be shortchanged in any case.

No sooner do the first rays of sun spoil us than we have our rose-colored glasses on and see only pink, pink, red. The rays are like a smile, they warm the heart and soul. Even if the temperatures are still a bit frosty, we enjoy the moments and want to bring color back into our lives. Currently, red tones are on the agenda and tune us

No matter what the occasion, the latest trends are many and varied. Whether bold with bright colors or classic in muted colors, the king of menswear never goes out of fashion. True, suits are becoming more relaxed and experimental, so even a loose shirt, a t-shirt and sneakers are skillfully combined with it. The suit is already statement enough. But even the cherished classic is