June 2022

As early as the Middle Ages, bridesmaids accompanied the bride on her way to the altar to distract evil spirits and demons. The custom is currently experiencing a renaissance in Germany, too, but less because of the spirits and more as active support and balm for the soul. But what about the groom? What about his groomsmen? Someone who stands to the side and with a

It doesn't always have to be your birthday to raise a glass to yourself. Self-care is the order of the day - preferably on a daily basis. A dose of healthy selfishness will keep our battery going longer and a smile on our face. Isn't there always a reason to celebrate? Whether it's in a large group or all by yourself, enjoy the joy of the little things

Who doesn't know the feeling? The desire for a little change, get out of the daily routine and experience something new. Just be somewhere else and start the next adventure. Unfortunately, we can not serve you with a long-distance trip. But! Food and drinks from different countries, wanderlust songs to reminisce and always lots of friendly people you will find in

Men and shopping don't go together? A cliché? That new clothes are sometimes necessary is indisputable. But does the feeling of well-being have to fail because of mismatched sizes and full changing rooms? You can safely do without this load of frustration. We believe there is no second chance for the first impression. And it should be perfect. Enjoy your relaxed shopping experience and find

Dark and subtle, elegant and handsome. Always matching - always flawless. Shoulder, chest and arms suitably matched and perfect down to the last detail. Gentle and cuddly, confident and serious - a stylish appearance with attention to every detail. No time for compromise - there are many reasons to look good. Are you also tired of ill-fitting suits?

Three little words that separate the past from the future and herald a new beginning. A step in the common direction that holds the magic of the beginning. Indescribable emotions that captivate us. Yes, I want - always and with you. Great emotions and an unforgettable day require a perfect outfit. Underline your personality and let

As a guest at a wedding, you really don't have it easy. Not too revealing, not too flashy, not steal the show from the bride, but also not the daily outfit. Sure, white is reserved for the bride and black really does not fit to a joyful event. But colors and styles should really not fail - especially in the year