August 2023

A custom suit is like a magic wand for your style! Whether you're just saying hello or hitting the red carpet, you'll look good enough to eat in these suits. Watch out, world: here come the new men and we at Casa Felicita are happy to be responsible for the speechless looks and dropped jaws! Are you ready too

With every heartbeat, your big day draws closer - a moment you've been waiting for so long. The anticipation is like a gentle breeze that embraces your souls and makes you shine. And in the midst of this reverie, you long most of all to see yourself wrapped in the perfect dress, radiant as the sunset on the horizon. For you will

Live your style to the fullest with casually worn suits - they just fit everywhere and make any man look damn good. Whether you're at the office, meeting friends or going on a special date. These suits give you an effortless elegance and confidence. A combination of comfort and class that enhances your individual charm. Time to take your look to the

This Thursday and Friday it's Sundowner at Casa Felicita again. Relax, enjoy the atmosphere and eat one or the other delicacy, as if it were an Olympic discipline. On Thursday we have pasta and on Friday Thai specialties for you! Who said you can't be a master at relaxing and snacking at the same time? And who wants to practice in the triathlon,

How wonderfully the fabric flatters the skin. Lace and silk make the most beautiful day of a bride simply magical. ✨ This wonderful combination of delicate purity and subtle seduction not only makes the bride shine, but also makes the hearts of the people who see it beat faster. Every single thread tells a story of love and style, while the gentle touch of

Suits made to measure - where craftsmanship meets elegance. Each stitch tells a story of perfection and sophistication. Each thread reflects the timeless elegance of the modern man. A touch of individuality that embodies the essence of style. You think a suit is only for special occasions? With a special suit, there will be countless occasions. Compliments and

A moment full of magic and love, when two souls unite. A wedding - a magical day that touches hearts and creates memories for eternity. Amid laughter, tears and hugs, the power of love becomes palpable. The wedding dress - a symbol of love and the new chapter of life. It gives the bride not only external beauty, but also carries