February 2022

Your daily companion or only for certain occasions? No reason not to express your individuality in it. Why accept a "quite nice" when it can also be called "Wow"? Why should anything not fit when your proportions are perfect? Your suit completely according to your ideas and adapted to your measurements! Make an appointment and let you

The first real rays of sunshine in the year are priceless. As soon as the sunlight hits our skin, our body releases more happiness hormones and automatically pulls up the corners of our mouths. To give the endorphins an extra boost, we'll gladly reserve you a spot. It doesn't take much to be happy. Come by and enjoy the day! We are happy

Since the 14.02. this year falls on a Monday, we wish you already today a romantic day and a wonderful time together. Although many myths and legends revolve around this day, it is always a day of love. While in Japan dark chocolate is presented, in Sweden they rely on wine gum hearts. Unfortunately, with both we can not