October 2023

Attention, bookworms and party animals! On 16.11.2023 at 18:00 the Casa Felicita will be the scene of an epic celebration! Christian Spieß presents his book "Scheiß da nix, dann feid da nix" and you are all cordially invited! The pages are full of wisdom paired with an overdose of humor. This evening is going to be wild! We serve a tantalizing 3-course menu to get your taste buds in the mood

Taking measurements for men's suits at Casa Felicita: This is where our team turns into fashion gymnastics masters! With our tall men, not only millimeter-precise precision, but also Olympic-quality stretching exercises become a must - standing on tooth tips and stretching mightily, as if Olympic gold medals were at stake! Who would have thought that suits could be so challenging? Do you also want to challenge us to top athletic performances? We train

Making a custom suit is an art based on exact handwork. Every step, from taking measurements to the final fitting, requires precision and dedication. Every stitch, every cut and every seam is carefully executed. The wearer feels this attention to detail at every moment, because a made-to-measure suit fits perfectly and accentuates the wearer's individual assets. It is the combination

Amidst the longing for the great love, she finds herself in a beautiful moment of anticipation. The upcoming wedding makes her heart beat faster, because it symbolizes the union of two souls and the fulfillment of great love. The great love is like a star that lights up the heart and illuminates the common path. It is the feeling that makes us float