February 2024

T-shirt under a leather jacket - because you don't always need a cape to look like a superhero! Who said that you need a closet the size of a closet for a great outfit? My secret recipe: T-shirt and leather jacket - the invisible superpower of fashionable minimalism! 💪😎 So slip into the T-shirt and leather jacket combo today and save the world (or at least the

⚫⚪ Today's style game is full of contrasts! Black and white, the inseparable duo that's so harmonious they'd probably even shake hands in the washing machine (if they had hands). Whether you're closing a deal or just binge-watching your favorite movie, black and white are the superheroes of your closet. So today: monochrome madness, here we come. 🎩🕶️ Let's

Spring has arrived at Casa Felicita 🌷! Today we are unveiling our delicate shades of blue - a perfect combination of elegance and sex appeal. Blue not only symbolizes calm and clarity, but also style and confidence. Our trends are perfect for the first flirtation of spring and countless stylish appearances. Show us with a 💙 that you're ready for the fashion fiesta.

Question for you: Who knows the feeling that romantic Valentine's Day has once again fallen victim to a typical work day? But hey, who says romance has to end on a certain day? How about a belated, romantic breakfast at Casa Felicita? Friday and Saturday are perfect for love and delicious food. Please make a reservation so that the heartbeat

Despite the gloomy weather, fashion is shining brighter than ever! Denim has taken over and lets us shine even on rainy days. Here at fashion paradise Casa Felicita, the trend is clear: bright outlooks and denim-dominated style! A fabric that is considered a lifestyle - timeless, versatile and always on trend - whatever the weather. Who needs sunshine?