January 2024

💖 Save the date! On 04.02.2024 it will be romantic in the Haberkasten Mühldorf! We will be at the wedding fair and bring the magic of Casa Felicita with us. 👰🤵‍♂️ Look forward to the finest fabrics that will envelop your love and spark the anticipation of the big day. Visit us on site or secure your exclusive appointment right away, where dreams are transformed into wedding dresses and

A black dress makes you feel like the walking secret of elegance - even on rainy days and in snowstorms. It is the ultimate answer to all weather caprices! Whether it's summer heat or winter cold, a black outfit is a true all-weather favorite. You could say that black is the color that never goes out of style - or maybe that's just the way it is,

Winter is hanging on, but we're keeping the mood alive with our 30% sale on women's fashion. Shopping for winter fashion now? Yeah right, after all, there's still a good chance we'll be waking up tomorrow morning to make snow angels or make a fashion statement while gritting the sidewalk. Get the hot deals before the evening dresses get jealous and look for a discount loophole. The

Why are weekends so great? Because they are the only time when the hours slow down and the reward system demands dopamine! You know that satisfying feeling of a sip of coffee and a slice of cake in your mouth? Longing, desire and satisfaction motivate you to act. At Casa Felicita, we have found the solution in the perfect breakfast. And if you're already here