June 2023

Discover now the trendy fashion in the colors pink and red! This combination is not only super stylish, but also versatile. Whether as a striking statement outfit or as a subtle accent - with pink and red you are always on trend. Our collection offers a colorful selection that is guaranteed to inspire you. What are you waiting for? Store and set a fashionable

You have said YES and now the WE is to be planned. The engagement selfie is posted, the loved ones informed and one or the other glass lifted. You've already enjoyed being engaged for a bit and slowly the wedding preparations start and with them the crucial question "What do I wear?" Plan one of the most beautiful moments and make it your personal day of pampering.

Eaten with delight. How better to enjoy a day off? From above the sun laughs and from the side your favorite people. Enjoying together is simply twice as nice and also tastes so good. Whether it's a vacation or a little time out in between - there's always time for a treat for the soul. Our day bar is Thursday and Friday from 09:30 to 18:00