November 2022

Once again, a year is drawing to a close. The first Advent is just around the corner and with big steps we are approaching Christmas. In order to enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere, it is now called "Christmas magic" every Thursday at Casa Felicita. Dates 01 / 08 / 15 and 22.12.2022 from 18:00 to 21:00 clock We look forward to your visit and

His outfit shows self-confidence, is timeless and always stylish. With an unforgettable look, he is always a welcome guest. What makes it perfect? Decent cut, falling rever, neutral color and high quality fabric. It is emphasized close cut and yet not too tight. Matched with shirt, cufflinks, tie the outfit becomes a timeless classic. Set on your

The classic colors are elegant and confident, but really stand out and defy all conventions? Courage for color and style or reserved and traditional? Your made-to-measure companion will become your personal identifying mark. Like a second skin and at the same time dimensionally stable and elastic. The quintessence of individuality for the man of today. Find your own personal unique piece. We are pleased