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Where does happiness live?

For sure, where love with style and tradition enters into a harmonious union.
In a place where all the senses unfold. Where time stands still for a moment because everything appears in complete harmony.
In the Casa (house) Felicita (happiness) we make sure every day, again and again, that you feel happiness.



Current opening hours for our day bar:
Friday from 09:30 to 18:00 and Saturday from 09:30 to 16:00.
Of course we have planned a few hot special surprise events, we will inform you in time.

We are looking forward to your visit!

From fir branch to trend color

Inmitten der festlichen Weihnachtsdeko, zwischen Tannenzweigen und Fichtenkränzen, taucht eine...
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Winter magic on 08.12.

Dicke Schneeflocken tanzen vom Himmel und hüllen Wiesen und Felder...
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Winter fashion redefined!

Warum Jeans und Rolli, wenn man Beeren und Fichten tragen...
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Style under the Christmas tree

You can find two types of gifts under the Christmas tree: those that...
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Winter opening hours day bar

Winter is coming, and the day bar 1240 is getting ready for winter!...
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A wild evening

Attention bookworms and party animals! On 16.11.2023 at 18:00 will be...
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Maximum performance for our customers

Taking measurements for men's suits at Casa Felicita: Here our...
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Master craftsmanship

The production of a custom suit is an art based on exact...
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Longing for you

In the midst of longing for the great love, she finds herself...
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Oh, hello weekend!

The sun has once again announced its best form at the weekend and...
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We rock the autumn

Autumn, oh autumn, you wild fashion adventure! 🍂🍁 You do not let...
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A day without strudel is like a day without laughter!

Today we celebrate the holy trinity of strudel: apple, plum and curd!...
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On the way to the love of her life

In a few weeks she will be his wife, and the...
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Sundowner + dumplings

A ROUND THING! It's that time again - dumpling time is...
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The tears of the proud father

In the perfect wedding dress, the bride shines like a radiant...
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Indian summer?

Indian summer has thrown itself into the game, and when it...
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Secret eye catcher

Tailored suits - the secret eye-catcher for women AND men! 👀...
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Gentlemen, listen up!

A custom suit is like the magic wand for your...
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Wedding dreams

With every heartbeat, your big day is getting closer - a...
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Each button gives character

Live your style to the fullest with casually worn suits....
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