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Where does happiness live?

For sure, where love with style and tradition enters into a harmonious union.
In a place where all the senses unfold. Where time stands still for a moment because everything appears in complete harmony.
In the Casa (house) Felicita (happiness) we make sure every day, again and again, that you feel happiness.



Current opening hours for our day bar:
Thursday and Friday from 09:30 to 18:00 and
Saturday from 09:30 to 16:00.

In good weather is additionally open Thursday and Friday until 22.00.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Baked with love

Eaten with delight. How better to spend a day off...
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Where happiness is at home

Now we even have it "green on white". Passionate collectors...
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Happy Daddy Day

Now it's blow after blow. We have hardly finished the...
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With and without cause

Occasions exist or you find them. What you need the...
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Yellow power with blue green temptation

The sun is about to rise. Who can...
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Green and blue

carries the Kasperls wife. Wherever these proverbs come from...
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A greeting from the Easter Bunny

Well, strictly speaking, Lent ends only on Easter Sunday....
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Fashion show - our look towards spring

It's that time again - the latest fashion trends lure us...
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Men of today with style for fashion

The fact that men and fashion have long ceased to be a contradiction is...
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Let the sun in

The mood rises as soon as the sun shines....
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It's a man's world

But it would be nothing without a woman. Who would...
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The secret of perfect styling

Some people seem to be born with the ability to be unconstrained and yet...
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Whom the blue hour strikes

Blue and blue like to socialize, but also in combination...
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When do the wedding bells ring for you?

The wedding preparations are already in full swing? How far are you...
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No-go my ass

Fits like a glove. It may be that...
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The fusion of the opposites of red and blue

Violet and purple, the most mysterious and yet contradictory colors. The...
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Did we hear a YES there?

Congratulations! No wonder your eyes are so bright and...
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Let's take it easy then

No sooner do the temperatures climb into the double digits than...
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It's all over on Ash Wednesday

No way! Although the carnival is buried for this year,...
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Dress for the Opera Ball from Bavaria

What distinguishes beautiful women? They are open to new things...
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