October 2022

Once in a lifetime to be a princess, fulfill their own childhood dream and enjoy the admiration of all. But nothing beats his look - an expression of sincere happiness and heartfelt love. Cheers to your day and the beginning of your time together. Find your perfect dream dress - make an appointment or visit us on 04./05.11.2022 at the wedding fair in Seekirchen.

The seduction of the senses must not be lost on the accessories. Your extravagant highlights bring excitement to your outfit. Why false restraint, when you can fashionably draw from the full? Why go topless when these headpieces highlight the latest trends. Find your favorites too and enjoy the fashionable variety in the coming winter.

Whether elegant or casual, classic clothing knows few rules. Certain colors and styles have dominated for a long time, keeping men's fashion resistant to major changes. Sean Connery was one of many who wore a tuxedo, but hardly anyone celebrated it like he did. Become a style icon too and make your appointment for a personal measure. We are looking forward to you.

Long gone are the days when only the ladies attached importance to their appearance. More and more in vogue are customized garments for men, adapted to their own needs. Whether after a long day at work or a night of dancing, the perfect suit combines a flattering look with a comfortable fit. New standards for the perfect appearance - become also

This year, many things are in vogue. However, we do without the eternal uniform gray in autumn and winter. Bright colors and tone in tone promise great effect. This is harmony for our eyes and leaves a positive overall image. Even though the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, there is no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes. So that you are prepared,

Damn much! No room for dreariness. The cold seasons show themselves in a different light this time. Depressed mood was yesterday, today colors and patterns take their place. Fashion is as colorful as autumn. Both show themselves in the most beautiful colors. At the same time, bright colors and tone on tone promise great effect. That is harmony for our eyes