August 2022

Not all days start the same! Sometimes we jump out of bed before the alarm clock. Other times, we crawl deeper under the covers, hoping the snooze function will do its job. I'm sure you have your own personal morning ritual to get ready for your day. Yoga, mood boards, fitness or a strong coffee? We recommend you our 3-phase plan:1. wake up in anticipation2. get the

Whether a classic apple pie according to mom's recipe, an elaborately decorated cake or a crispy yeast pastry - of course, everything is homemade with us. We don't just stir the ingredients together, we also season them with a portion of love. Only when we like it, you are allowed to taste it. Happy faces and shining eyes are our best thanks. Grab your favorite people and

They say that if you want to be successful in life, you have to get up early. You're welcome to disagree. It's not when, but how you start the day that affects your personal success and satisfaction. Me-time in the morning promotes well-being and motivation. Let us spoil you with a delicious breakfast and start full of creative energy.

Even if the days are slowly getting shorter and despite everything the summer sun gives its best, the sunsets are indescribable. In the coming weeks, the temperatures still mean well with us and invite with balmy summer nights to sit outside. Thursday and Friday is our Sundowner a fixed date in the calendar. Those who come earlier can stay longer. We are looking forward

The modern gentleman always lets others go first, is the unobtrusive rescuer in an emergency and has high standards for himself. At the same time, he never forgets to dress appropriately for the occasion. As reserved as he may seem, he is striking. Unique pieces are in demand! And his custom-made companion is his distinguishing mark. Like a second skin and at the same time dimensionally stable

With a musical journey from New York to Paris, Sarah Laux enchanted her guests. Her voice creates goose bumps, her interpretation hits right to the heart. Authentic and open, the artist led through the evening and her unmistakable voice put Casa Felicita into an alternating state of euphoria, drama and tragedy. Merci Chérie would have pined Udo Jürgens, we say Merci for