April 2022

Dear customers, friends, guests, all the best - only the best, just now for Easter. May it bring, above all, joy and relaxation. Everybunny needs somebunny! Pack your bunny and enjoy a few beautiful hours on Easter Saturday at Casa Felicita. We look forward to seeing you.

FINALLY! The temperatures are climbing slowly but steadily. Yesterday it was then so far, the spring sun gave us a rendezvous of the extra class. A picture-perfect day with blue skies and summer temperatures ushered in our sundowner season. Caution danger of addiction! Watch the weather forecast and save Casa Felicita in your navigation system. See you at the next sundowner. We are looking forward to your visit.

Are you already looking forward to the long weekend and the Easter holidays? Do you perhaps also still have vacation? Well, who says it. How full is your schedule - is there still time for a little pampering? Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday we sweeten your morning and spoil you with our delicious breakfast. We look forward to seeing you!

Easter nests and spring flowers already let the apartment and garden shine in the most beautiful colors. By the weekend at the latest, the colorful eggs will be added. Who doesn't want to shine like a beacon? Write a wish list to the Easter bunny or put the spring outfits in your nest yourself. Come by and enjoy the anticipation of the Easter days.

Sure, the bride is always the most beautiful woman of the day. But if you can keep your eyes off of this, you can't help yourself. What is your motto? Would you like a little more? Individuality meets extravagance. Why not - it's all about you. After all, your big day is only once in a lifetime. Find your dream dress that highlights your type

While from Sunday the measures are cut back, we tighten the MAßbänder. Whether immediately back topless or continue with cherished facial accessories, we want to experience more again. Tarnished glasses have an end and the free view lets our personality shine. Want a new suit? With measure and style into a new era - come by and enjoy our MAßnahme. We are pleased