January 2022

Winter doesn't quite know what it wants - again, an uncomfortable wind-rain-snow weather is predicted for the upcoming weekend. If it's already wet and gray outside, we don't necessarily have to adapt here. No more muted colors! We counter the winter blues with mood-brightening colors and thus herald our personal beginning of spring. Help your mood to get going - we are looking forward to it.

with coziness! No sooner have the New Year's wishes faded away than life has us fully in its grip again. Far away are the good resolutions at the turn of the year to take a little more time. Why not remember these resolutions at the weekend and start the day with a leisurely breakfast? Or start at noon? Also against coffee and cake at the

Although the winter has just announced itself again, it's called with us percentage alert! Dear ladies pay attention - buy more means save more! If there is not the heart beats faster? And then also fashion suitable for the current temperatures. Store - enjoy - save! 1 part - 10 %

Of course - bow ties instead of ties and suspenders instead of belts are nothing new! Even these pretty companions need an update once in a while. New resolution - style meets extravagance. Why not the tried and tested accessories made of leather. Combinable with both a classic and casual outfit. Come by and see for yourself. We are looking forward to you.